Kustom Work


Looking to have something special made? Something I haven't posted or kreated yet? Or perhaps something so special, unique, and specific you want to make it a reality? Then look no further! Here, we try and make everyone's dream a reality. Prices will vary depending on item, but $25/$50 is the minimum deposit to start work on your order. You will be contacted via email or text (whichever you prefer) and lets talk vision and dimensions. Estimate of final price will be quoted. When your work is completed, you will be sent a final invoice of the finished product.


Please allow 3-4 weeks before your item is shipped out. We’re a duo team that want to give love, care and ensure of the quality of our handmade products so you can enjoy your adventure in style!
Be cautioned as there might be delays with your order(s) but rest assured, we will keep in contact with you and notify you of such an event. If you need your item by a certain time frame for your future adventure, we will require an additional cost of $10 to expedite your order(s).

Returns and Refund Policy:

We accept returns within 7 days of you receiving your bag. There is a 20% restocking fee for returns plus return shipping.

Returning before the bag is shipped

If your bag hasn't shipped but you will like to cancel the process: there is a $3.00 fee to cancel orders that haven't been shipped but have been finalized.


There is no warranty on our bags. If there is an issue with your bag caused by production malfunction, please contact us through our email.

Repairs & Modifications

Please contact us if you're seeking repairs or post modifications for your bags. We will discuss our pricing depending on what you need done.