KaiVenture Kaddy


The KaiVenture Kaddy is a sweet, handy stem bag. It has the ability to hold & organize all essential items such as your phone, snacks, camera, &/or tall can. We've structurally reinforced, insulated, and lined it with durable Ripstop liner and having ambidextrous mounting ability to top it all off.

All standard KaiVenture Kaddies are a solid color, black Ripstop liner, netted pockets, and webbing.

All hand crafted in California with water resistant 1000D Cordura, lined with Ripstop nylon liner.

(All ribbon-ed pictures are pictures of KUSTOM KaiVenture Kaddy's)

Dimensions: 6.25in H x 3.5in L x 3.5in W

Material: 1000D Cordura

Liner: Ripstop Nylon

Zipper: Water proof

Mounting straps: Velcro


Please allow 3-4 weeks before your item is shipped out. We’re a duo team that want to give love, care and ensure of the quality of our handmade products so you can enjoy your adventure in style!
Be cautioned as there might be delays with your order(s) but rest assured, we will keep in contact with you and notify you of such an event. If you need your item by a certain time frame for your future adventure, we will require an additional cost of $10 to expedite your order(s).