About US

Hi guys,

We're the duo on Instagram that likes adventure cycling and gravel riding. We also make the awesome bags on this very website. ;)

By we, I mean my awesome and fantastic husband, Kai. (I'm Karen and not that talented but I'm learning!)

We started this side project to fund our KaiVentures where we go bikepacking in many different locations and share that experience with you on Instagram and Youtube. As you know that can get expensive, guys. We decided that we can create a new experience for you to order a kustom bike bag! We're very open to any criticism that will take us to that next level customer experience we hope to achieve. We vow to be as transparent and open with you as our customer and give you a peer-to-peer buying experience where we communicate through several forms of contact from phone calls, emails, and text messages. We will create mock up deigns before we start production on your bag. You are not just a number to us. We want to think of you as wonderful people supporting our addiction. :D

I'm Karen and I ride that Breezer Doppler on Instagram. I'm shy and don't like the camera. But I deal with the "business" side of KaiVenture Bags. As Kai is in charge of coming up with these beautiful bags. <3

Kai started making the bags on his own after not liking the bags in the current market. They didn't fit his needs so he bought a singer, some fabric, and started sewing. He is completely self taught. And after several prototypes, he finally made one he was very happy about. His cycling friends saw his awesome, amateurish work and wanted one, and Kai decided to make them bags too. I was able to watch his creations come to life and, with my experience in business, I was able to convince him to start this side project together.

We find bringing a new unique kustom bike bag experience to you as our best quality as a bag maker.

But we also have the standard colors in all our bags that are handkrafted to order. So, if you're simple and like a simple design and color, we got you covered!

But we don't just offer a bag buying experience. We want to show and enable you to join us in this addiction. We feel it is good for the soul and we want everyone to feel the sense of nirvana you experience while bikepacking yourself around this beautiful earth. We truly believe you will experience a life changing and appreciating experience with riding yourself on the California Coast with the crystal blue ocean shining like something out of a movie for miles and you wonder how you ever gone by in life without seeing that view. Or cook your lunch at the cliffside and looking at that view. Or how about descending 40 miles downhill in a rainstorm. OR the serendipity you get while you ride through the redwood forest and smell the beautiful clean air and smell of the forest in your lungs. You wonder how you ever gone by without clean air.

We hope to inspire you to get out and just ride! Dirt, road, OH! side road!!!!

We're true believers in letting that kid out when you ride. Riding a bike is fun and it's exercise but it's fun! So have fun with it!

We're going to come out with more ways to help you commute to work, school, grocery runs, and more!

Join us on Instagram @kaiventurebags

and on our Youtube Page: KaiVenture Bags